Friday, 27 March 2009

Time To Get Writing!

Well, my most recent deadlines have come and gone and I can now turn t0 the requests for essays at this point. So far the votes are for Game Theory, mechanics, prop/clothing advice and setting info.

While I obviously do have to go where inspiration takes me, I've already pondered a few options and have scribed them below. If any grab your attention, comment and I'll see what I can do to meet your requests.

Game Theory

  • Props - different methods and how they effect the game space.
  • How to get people to NPC/GM.
  • Explaining basic systems, one piece at a time (character generation, skill use, Wyrd, combat, social systems (20 questions and contracts) and other elements).
  • 'Peasants Revolt' - a system explained to me some time ago and designed to counter the super-powerful from making excessive contracts.
  • Alternative combat. I'm not too sure about this one (I feel ambivalent about trying to fit a boffer system for some reason), but it does have a certain synchronicity with John Wick's recent LJ vid about his Houses of the Blooded LARP combat system (it bears similarities and differences to Passion Play - I wonder how much he knows of it).
  • Downtime - statting up fiefs and assets and creating a mechanic where they can be used, conquered and lost in conflicts.
  • Making my Maverick - modding the nerf gun into something more FS.
  • Weapon props.
  • Basic clothing concepts, starting with Rampart's most influential factions.
  • Small props - minor props used to add flavour to the setting.
  • The Rampart Gazetteer (as sold by the local Charioteers Guild, only two talons guv'nor).
  • Introductory Catechism - explaining Church doctrine.
  • What To Do When Noble And In Town.
Does anyone have any preferences?


  1. I'd like to hear more about your thoughts on handling downtime activities.