Monday, 9 March 2009

(Important) Game Details

OK, so:

This game will run from 11am-3pm (so be there before 11) on Saturday, 14th March. It will be at the London Metropolitan University North Campus.

I'm in the process of sorting out security procedures for non-university people.

To get to the campus, you come out of the Holloway Road underground station and turn right. Go across the side-road (there's a TESCO just up that side-road if you need anything), keep going along until you come to a crossing that leads to the universities' large entrance with a ramp and hole in the wall next to it.

London Metropolitan University
London Metropolitan University, 277 Holloway Rd
London, N7 8HN, United Kingdom

Comment if you need any more details or email me for my number.


  1. what's the kit requirements?

  2. Hi. Sorry, but I somehow managed to miss your post until a few days ago.

    If you want, I can provide you with details of the next, event, which should be in September, when I will run an intro game/stall.