Saturday, 14 March 2009


Today's game isn't going ahead.

Out of the 10+ pledges of interest, I got 2 confirmations, which is a massive failure rate. I expected to get about 6 people in the end, which itself was a massive failure rate of over 50%.

Could I have done more to promote it? I'm not sure. On an objective scale yes, I could have done much more; more leaflets, hooking up with more universities and generally more aggressiveness. On a subjective scale though, taking into account the long hours and looming deadlines of other projects, I would say that there's so much I can do and I knew that I might be pushing it to get something done in four weeks when I simply don't have enough of a local support network (i.e. I barely know anyone in this town).

I'm going to post later today on this, mostly because I want to dissect this failure in anticipation of avoiding it in the future.

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