Friday, 27 March 2009

[Props] I'm A Maverick!

I have a Maverick pistol!

It's bigger than I thought. It basically has the proportions of Hellboy's oversized pistol.

I like it. It has a nice heft to it, as well, in case I need to pistol whip somebody (I don't know why I'd need to pistolwhip anybody except when working on group projects at uni, but you never know).

Sites seem to suggest using proper plastic paints, but I want more attention to detail than that and think that I may try with typical acrylic miniature paints, as I know how to use them.


  1. :

    i just carried out weapons testing yesterday out in the open

    of the mav porta mortar

    take one mav , plus one standard collapsable music stand

    plus some tape

    and within five minutes you possess a working portable mortar

    that can be fired faster than the standard mav ( thanks to turning the weapon over ) , plus it fires further than is standard , something to do with the aerodynamics it seems .

    it can be set up and collapsed in moments and can still be used as a pistol while the mounts are collapsed

    of course the feed mod is used so that the drum can be easily positioned for top loading e t c

    i luckily possess several of the right type music stands , as i started picking them up whenever i saw them in charity shops , for their tested tripod and bipod uses

    the porta mortar was created as a specialist piece for my fantasy messenger courier character

    but now i'm thinking of setting up mortar teams within this fantasy company some if us want to start setting up for events such as the Lorien Trust gathering , using our people and training places that are conveniently sited in those parts of the country

    it's an extremely recent set of thoughts to set up a cool company of knights e t c for those events

    but we can sort it out

    ( colours will probably be pale sky blue , pale sky grey , white , some pale gold , silver , e t c

    white plumes for some e t c

    perhaps it's something you would want to partake with the set up of


    1. :

      oh the porta mortars could i guess be used within futuristic settings too