Thursday, 1 March 2012

Blurby Blurb

Well, I've picked up a decent amount of interest in the time (oddly, not from the Rule 7 LARP forums.  go figure) so here's the blurb.  In particular I think it needs a flowchart to help picking a faction, some advertising materials or somesuch.  

In the war of wars, final victory lies in the human heart...
The Empire rips itself apart as everyone tries to make the future in their name.  House Li-Halan seizes Rampart, vowing to end its crimes of mad science and heresy.  Victory is too swift, leaving all sides wondering who did it - and what price they will demand.

The Ten Edicts force the guilds to reject their values in return for peace,  But while the Li-Halan condemn technology and liberty, some fear that technology holds attractions too great to be denied...

If I get < 10 people, then I'm going for a more traditional 'questing' LARP, set around the basic FS group - a noble, with retinue.  The great thing about FS's social order is that each of the three factions (plus Those Who Differ) can have opportunities to lead the group.  I'll probably need to alter the system, make it more boffer based, but hey.  I tested my Simba dart guns last weekend and everything works fine.

Plotwise, that means exploring post-invasion Rampart, experiencing the conflicts that come with occupation and social change, but keeping it on a personal scale.  

If I get more, then I'm going for something more epic: power players throwing assets against each other in order to reshape the future.

Ideally I'd have the resources to do a little of both - power play stuff with section where characters determine actions and then a few (or their alts) go off to commit actions or sideplots. 

I'm also thinking of Con games, but right now there's not much on in the UK.  Also, I have no idea how to write for a con game]...


  1. How many people is going to help you with the organization of the event (GM, NPCs and the like)? Also, if you get less than 10 players, will you putting all of them together in a noble's entourage? and if so, how are you going to make them have someone to confront?

  2. I've currently got 12 players - and my initial plans were to have about 3 NPCs. But even then I have enough for two broad factions, which means curbing my plans for missions. Instead of playing them out as side-quests, I'll probably stick to briefings and leaving players to get what they want by negotiation with other PCs.