Sunday, 11 March 2012

[Guns Redux] I said, the BEST toys...

This weekend the boys* came over.

I'd finished painting and varnishing my Simba Blasters (available here for about £12, or go to your local Toymaster).

You remember these babies?

(I've ordered some Imperial Eagles from ForgeWorld - I figure the black one looks enough like a bolt pistol to slap on some iconography and use it in the Death Unto Darkness LARP - assuming I remember to book in time!)

Either way, they're going well.  I need to take the undercoat off the cartridge shells and replace them with a single coat of bronze because I think it's actually causing jams, but beyond that it's all good.  The next step is to make some pins out of clay (I'm thinking the Imperial Phoenix and the Holy Jumpgate) - I can either wrap up the handles in leather or just use the small loops on the handles.  I bought some purple strips for that

Anyhow, back to the point.  The boys came over and they couldn't help but play with my weapons# .  I tell you, there is just something viscerally cool about firing off a shot, ejecting the cartridge and hearing it tinkle on the floor.

I really need to get a video of that at some point.

*Lovely couple; nice to see they're back together again


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