Sunday, 11 March 2012

Carlisle event - 2nd week of April (Updated)

>>Updated March 16th - I have about 7 people registering interest in Carlisle alone, plus two other people I contacted directly through  That's enough to do something basic - let's see if I can't double this number!<<

I know a guy who knows some people (you'd be amazed how often a story starts like that), some of whom would definitely be up for a Fading Suns LARP.

I will be in Carlisle,Cumbria, for the 2nd week of April (the 9th to 15th, for those keeping count).  Weirdly, despite not being much of a place (it's like South Park with a rural British accent) it has a damn good gaming scene.  And a bunch of great people I've known for some time, many of whom I introduced to FS.

Guess who wants to experiment on/with them?  Guess which local LARP GM said they'd be interested?

I've got a location in mind (and it really suits).

I've got a Plan (the same plotline I've been talking about recently.  Hell, it needs using).

I just need a few more players.  (That's where you come in.)

If you can get over to Carlisle that week, email me at because I really want to get started.

I got props.  I got ideas for props I ain't even built yet.  I got a couple of outfits (priest and Battle Brother).

And I have guns.  Lots of guns.

Email me. Tell me you're available and that you believe the priests when they say Questing is the greatest virtue.

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