Sunday, 1 January 2012

[GUNS] I bring you the best toys...

Look at this Pancreator-lovin' gun.  Is this not awesome?

This is the X-Power Shock Blaster from Simba. While everyone's ooh-ing and ah-ing over Nerf guns, Simba snuck out this freaking bolt pistol lookielike

And you see that open bullet chamber?  That's right; once the dart's fired you cock it again and the freaking shell casing tinkles onto the ground.

That's cool.  

OK, so it's not what you's want in a forest shooting match, but in a closed social environment it just looks funky.  Plus, spent cartridges are a storytelling device.  They say 'there was a fight here' without having to do messy special effects and make someone lie still for too long.

I picked it up in Toymaster for £12, down from £16. It isn't coming up any more, but Amazon and other places have them.


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