Sunday, 1 January 2012

Damnit Brain, shut up!

So there I am, lying in bed at grannies' house and pondering a Christmas Mass Effect game.

And my brain decides that's pretty dull and switches track.

"You know what?" it says. "You should dump as many stats as possible and make Fading Suns about Passions.  Flagged ideas that form characters, with skills and stats coming second/last.

"Start each character off with a Destiny, a really big goal the player/character has. Link progress towards this goal with Wyrd point recovery.  Then give them Passions - anything from political ambitions to love stories - and let them gain XP for achieving those.

"You could throw in a Drama point economy, like in Cinematic Unisystem.  Give each character a virtue and a vice, straight out of the Universal Church's seven virtues/vices and link them to Drama points; they can recover DPs if they succumb to their vices and can spend DPs for a bonus if their virtue helps them.  or something.  I'm sure you'll figure out the details."

I love and hate my brain sometimes.  Never did finish off the Mass Effect plot, either.

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