Monday, 19 July 2010


I have a Mandarin resit this Friday, hence the lack of much happening beyond writing complicated pictograms and trying to remember the tone and meaning for what is basically the same word.

But there's still something I can update on. When I initially planned my game, it was going to take place on Rampart. I had a bunch of reasons behind this, such as the social conflict, oriental flavour and others, but one thing I needed was player infodumps.

So I made a tourist sheet, distributed by the Guilds and costing only few Crests each.

Obviously it's unfinished, but I think you can see the way I'm trying to provide details though both infodumps and style.

And yes, the Mandarin symbols actually mean stuff. And should be grammatically correct...

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  1. :

    i pride myself on sorting out those small things to complement the other more prominent things that , as you say previous ( with the ammo crates ) create that sense of the world you're trying to exist within ,

    but that is properly thinking it out there . that's " out there " thinking

    i guess i'll come to that point sometime

    that plane of thought of prop making

    but it's not there at the moment