Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Empyrean Dreams

When you're talking about needing players and someone says 'I'll get my rolodex out' one starts to have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this project's success... :-)

Because I have to admit, this one is of a tall order. Create a LARP of a minority, and often forgotten game that needs better-than-average props and locations just to achieve the same level of immersion available to a modern LARP, with minimal resources and a really short time limit and on top of my other uni projects/reading? Not an easy task.

The worst I figured could happen is that I make a big noise, put my heart into it, set it up and then about three people and a one-legged dog turn up. Even then, I'd still have done my best at least, although I'd be pretty unhappy.

But I guess faith manages... (And no, there aren't any points for knowing the reference...)


  1. You have to admit, a one-legged dog would be funny :P

    I bet it will be great!:)

  2. Especially if it were a front leg...

  3. Hey Mark, I saw Angus's note about this, and may be interested to play it, good luck anyway! Tressy

  4. Heya Mark, saw this via Angus' LiveJournal. Would be interested in playing and also recently stopped running a monthly Star Wars larp very recently so have a fair bit of experience in getting a SciFi game to work.

  5. Shiny :-)

    If you two email me at:


    I'll provide you with more details. I'm certainly interested to hear more about running a sci-fi LARP, as i've never actually done this before...